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Krushang Manubhai Tandel

Krushang Manubhai Tandel -

Friday, 27th Jan 2017

Krushang lives in  Kadaiya village with his family and was identified in the camp organized at the village. Krushang is Mentally disbaled and at the beginning he was not able to do anything. To develop Child’s aptitude certain training was started. He was provided resource room training through games, charts and physical training. As a result,…Read More


Jayesh - Govt. Primary School Bhensroad, Daman

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017

Jayesh is a CWSN suffering from Low vision disability since his childhood.  Since his birth, parents took good care of Jayesh but as he grew old his problem with his eyes increased. Medical checkup has been done by eye specialist and he told that his eyes nerves are not well developed so he had this problem….Read More