Shafina Y

Shafina Y - HPS Nehru Nagara Sagara Block, Shomoga District, Karnataka

Sunday, 12th Feb 2017

Type of Disability:        MD Aid Provided:      Wheel chair CWSN Child Shafina Y d/o Yousuf was a MD Child. She was not able to do her work properly and she was suffering from multi disability syndrome.  She was been identified by our IRTs and was given training for 3 years. In the beginning, from…Read More


Nandini - GHPS Puttegowdana Hundi, Mysore Taluk, Karnataka

Sunday, 12th Feb 2017

Nandini is studying in 4th Standard  at GHPS Puttegowdana Hundi, Mysore Taluk. She has been disabled by birth.  A Doctor identified  the problem in medical camp  and he referred for her to take Corrective Surgery. Then she was admitted  at Banavi Hospital through SSA grant for a surgery so that she would able to walk  a…Read More