The objectives of having kitchen garden in the school are to arrange fresh green vegetables for kids during the Mid-day meal and to give information a...

Inspiring Initiatives by a School in Wabalewadi to bloom and transform by innovations in learning methods, Maharashtra (SSAC10360)

Community Mobilisation activities in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh (SSAC10356)

Unique efforts of teachers in checking migration of children and encouraging crowd contribution, Varvandi Tanda, Maharashtra (SSAC10312)

Initiatives of school teachers to encourage community participation in Ajepur, Maharashtra (SSAC10300)

Initiatives of teachers to improve learning outcomes through unique measures in Kedarvakdi, Maharashtra (SSAC10298)

A State Level Workshop on ‘Making Schools Accessible to CWSN’, Gujarat (SSAC10294)

A state level initiative to cultivate advocacy for accessibility in terms of infrastructure for CWSN children in schools, Gujarat (SSAC10290)

School Teacher’s Initiative to raise funds for Rajkiyakrit Middle School, Bada Jamda, Jharkhand (SSAC9783)

Digital School Movement through Community Participation, Maharashtra (SSAV9782)

Initiative of a teacher on student regularity, Gujarat (SSAC9780)

Prerna – a film on Parivartan Dal, Jharkhand (SSAV9779)

“Mulyavardhan”- A Value Education Programme, Maharashtra (SSAC9532)

10 TARVATA PELLIKADU… 11 VA TARAGATI (Stop marriages after class 10.. promote joining in class 11), Andhra Pradesh (SSAC9530)

Special campaign to aware on problems by Child Marriages and Career Counselling

“Mulyavardhan”- A Value Education Programme in Maharashtra & Goa (SSAV9522)

Success Stories & Best Practices of SSA Tripura, 2016-17 (SSAC7301)

Best Practices of Community Mobilisation in 2016-17, Telangana (SSAC7277)

Success Stories and Special initiatives by SMC in Tamil Nadu (SSAC7262)

SMC Best Practice – Govt. primary school, Kohliyon ki dhani, Suliva, Sirohi, Rajasthan (SSAC7233)

Social Acceptance for Money and Other Resource Donations by Households (SAMRUDH), Maharashtra (SSAC7218)

In the State of Maharashtra, it has been observed that Marathi medium schools imparting good quality education and teaching of English language with f...

Initiatives by SMCs in Karnataka (SSAC7104)

Best practices of SMCs, Jharkhand (SSAC7045)

Best Practices of SMCs, Goa (SSAC6994)

Success Stories of SMCs in Assam (SSAC6769)

Achievements under Community Mobilisation in 2016-17, Meghalaya (SSAC6752)

‘Badi Runam Teerchukundam’, Community Mobilisation Programme, Andhra Pradesh (SSAC6706)

TVC on inviting community participation and involvement in school development, Andhra Pradesh (SSAV6256)

Documentation of SMC initiatives, Maharashtra (SSAV5881)

Community Participation, Nagaland (SSAV5844)

Bastar Palak -Balak Sammelan, Chhattisgarh (SSAV5809)

‘Mere Sapno ka vidyalaya’, Bihar (SSAV5794)

School Development Plan by SMCs, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV5756)

Community Participation for School Development, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV5754)

Role of SMC members, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV5753)

Sapno ki Udaan-Uttarakhand (SSAV5742)

SMC Meeting in Gujarat (SSAV5717)

Implementation of SSA in Kerala – Documentary (SSAV5700)

Inviting Community Participation through ‘Badi Runam Thirchukundam’ (Giving back to School), Andhra Pradesh (SSAV5662)

Best Practice by Community and SMCs (SSAV362)