SSA ,SIEMAT ,CSR Partnership ,Srikakulum,Andhra Pradesh (SC10849)

Sunday, 15th Jul 2018

“Katral Thiruvizha”-Building common platform for learning with different activities through collective efforts of Education Dept. with local foundation, Puducherry (SC10625)

Tuesday, 20th Mar 2018

Renovation of Govt. PS/UPS of Daman under CSR Activity (SC10025)

Thursday, 30th Nov 2017

School Teacher’s Initiative to raise funds for Rajkiyakrit Middle School, Bada Jamda, Jharkhand (SC9783)

Monday, 13th Nov 2017

Gyan Sankalp Portal, Rajasthan (SV9420)

Tuesday, 12th Sep 2017

Maharashtra Schools raise Rs. 310 crores through Crowdfunding (SC9148)

Monday, 14th Aug 2017

Public Education on revival path in Kerala (SV9145)

Sunday, 13th Aug 2017

Mobile Library (Kali Kit Kot) (SC6742)

Tuesday, 18th Jul 2017

TVC on inviting community participation and involvement in school development, Andhra Pradesh (SV6256)

Thursday, 13th Jul 2017

‘Project EKTA’ in Alwar, Rajasthan (SV5785)

Thursday, 29th Jun 2017

PPP for school development of Nadakkavu GVHSS School,Kerala (SV5701)

Thursday, 29th Jun 2017

Inviting Community Participation through ‘Badi Runam Thirchukundam’ (Giving back to School), Andhra Pradesh (SV5662)

Thursday, 29th Jun 2017