G. Soojoal

G. Soojoal( SSAV10780 )

My name is Soojoal from west Bengal.  My father’s name is Gopal and mother name is Kemma.  Due to poverty we come to Kanyakumari District in search of work.  My parent got work in the Brick kiln at Chenpagaramanputhoor. My parents asked me to support them in making bricks. When I was working with my parents some teachers came to the Brick Kiln where we were working.  They asked me to go to school.  But my parents were not willing to send me.    Teachers repeatedly came to our hut and talked with my parents.  They spoke to my parents about the importance of education and the rules of the government. Finally my parents  accepted to send me to school. Teachers took me to GPS. Chenpagaramputhoor (UDise code:33300100201) school and gave uniform. I got food from the school. In the beginning I was not interested in learning but was interested in drawing.  So, I used to draw pictures in the note book.  My teacher encouraged me to draw pictures and gave crayons. She hanged the pictures in the wire pandal.  Now I am interested in the studies also.  Those who visit our class appreciate me by seeing my drawings.  I use to help my parent on holidays and taught my mother to count the bricks.  By seeing the change in me neighbours are also now willing to send their children to school.


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