Name of the CwSN                                         :I.SAI GANESH Date of Birth & Age :03.06.2005 & 14 YEARS Type of Disability :H.I For how long has he been suffering :BY BIRTH When was he admitted on Bhavitha / Non Bhavitha :2015 Class & School with Dise Code & Admn. No. :VI CLASS &  ZPHS                                                                                                       POLAVARAM,28145100808, ADMN NO :7597   Brief Family History of the CwSN : FATHER NAME : CHANDRA   SEKHAR Brief case history of the CwSN:I.SAI GANESH IS A CHILD SUFFERING FROM HEARING IMPAIRMENT FROM BY BIRTH.HE IS THE FIRSTCHILD OF HIS FAMILY.NOW HE CAN HEARING SOUNDS WITH HEARING AID ONLY. The Condition of the child before joining IERC AT THE TIME OF WHEN THE CHILD IS BROUGHT TO THE CENTER  HE WAS UNABLE   TO SPEAK. TREATMENT /Training / Teaching /Mechanism was adopted by IERT ORAL APPROACH 2.AURAL  APROACH 3.TOTAL COMMUNICATION ACHIEVEMENT / Improvement  of the CwSN after joined in Bhavitha Center NOW HE IS ABLE TO TALK LITTLE WORDS,HE CAN PRODUCE SOME SOUNDS Parent Opinion / Physiotherapist Opinion / IERT Opinion (with Photographs) HIS PARENTS ARE VERY HAPPY FOR CHILD SPEAKING SOME WORDS,NOW HE CAN READ AND WRIGHT,PARENTS ARE VERY HAPPY TO SAMAGRA SIKSHA ABHIYAAN TO PROVIDING SUCH TYPE OF SERVICES  IN MANDAL LEVEL AND VILLAGE LEVEL ALSO.