Best Practice Maths Workshop Wgl U -Telangana (SSAC20744)

Workshop on Innovative Maths by Mentoring Institute SAMAGRA SHIKSHA, WARANGAL (U) TELANGANA An Innovative Maths Workshop...

Access-Normal School to Notable School-MPPS VEERNAPALLY-Rajanna Sicilla (SSAC20737)

Mandal Parishad Primary School, Veernapally is located in remote tribal village called Veernapally. The people here depend on agriculture and forest ...


With the view to improve the achievement of Learning Outcomes in the subject of Environmental Science for Primary Level students and developing attitu...


Jharkhand has launched Spot Testing, a system under which BRP/CRPs assess the learning levels of 3 random students in every school during a school ins...


“Katral Thiruvizha”-Building common platform for learning with different activities through collective efforts of Education Dept. with local foundation, Puducherry (SSAC10625)

Value Integrated Teaching and Learning (VITAL) of students at GGHSS, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu (SSAC10573)

Kalaiyarasi, Secondary Grade Teacher

Kalaiyarasi, Seconda( SSAV10568 )

  “Young children tend to learn their mother tongue mostly through interaction and imitation. Young ones, nowadays, learn more from the screen than from their teachers. Since I am working in a two-teacher school, I have to plan the activities to cater to the needs of a multi-grade class. I used to play videos and audios to engage students in group during class hours and lunch break along with other activities. . ‘Thayenapaduvathu Tamil’ video songs are all-time favorites for my students. My school is located near the local bus stop. When we play these songs, our students will start to sing and dance along with the songs. This attracted even the public”. “My students in first standard are also capable of singing poems of 5th standard since they are watching these videos in a group. When we conduct cultural programs, students take up these songs for stage performance. When I teach these poems, students are able to pronounce the words with proper stress and pause and the way they sang, they internalize the meaning of the songs and reproduce them easily without spelling mistakes. Thus, my burden is reduced to a great level” Kalaiyarasi’s classroom is thoroughly enjoying these video songs, like all the primary classrooms in Tamil Nadu schools. State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Tamil Nadu, through its Tamil Language cell has taken this innovative initiative of producing these DVDs which includes all the poems in the Tamil Book from standards 1 upto 5. Girls and boys from Government schools were trained to sing these poems, in a natural setting giving life to the theme of the song at the back drop. Each song came alive on the screen with the joyful expression of young children, thereby providing an opportunity for fun filled learning. Over 35,000 copies of DVDs have been distributed to all the primary schools in Tamil Nadu. These 40 Tamil video clips available in the You Tube channel maintained by SCERT have been viewed by more than 4 lakh Tamil enthusiasts across the globe. SCERT You tube channel link for these Tamil video songs:

Inspiring Initiatives by a School in Wabalewadi to bloom and transform by innovations in learning methods, Maharashtra (SSAC10360)

Workshop on translation of school and madarasa academic calendar into urdu, Andhra Pradesh (SSAC10348)

Special initiatives taken to improve quality education, Tripura (SSAV10337)

“Book my companion”- an unique campaign to educate children with special needs by providing home libraries, Kerala (SSAV10329)

Unique initiatives of Education Dept. to educate children in their respective languages in tribal areas, Wayanad, Kerala (SSAV10323)

Unique efforts of teachers in checking migration of children and encouraging crowd contribution, Varvandi Tanda, Maharashtra (SSAC10312)

Initiatives of school teachers to encourage community participation in Ajepur, Maharashtra (SSAC10300)

Initiatives of teachers to improve learning outcomes through unique measures in Kedarvakdi, Maharashtra (SSAC10298)

MPUPS School- Kotapadu (SSAC10219)

Innovative Teaching Idea – The Puppet Show, Andhra Pradesh (SSAC10214)

School Teacher’s Initiative to raise funds for Rajkiyakrit Middle School, Bada Jamda, Jharkhand (SSAC9783)

Digital School Movement through Community Participation, Maharashtra (SSAV9782)

Initiative of a teacher on student regularity, Gujarat (SSAC9780)

Prerna – a film on Parivartan Dal, Jharkhand (SSAV9779)

International School Project, Maharashtra (SSAC9560)

“Mulyavardhan”- A Value Education Programme, Maharashtra (SSAC9532)

“Mulyavardhan”- A Value Education Programme in Maharashtra & Goa (SSAV9522)

Project Based Learning (SSAC7260)

‘For a Bigger and Better Life’ – a unique initiative in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra (SSAC7231)

‘Combining Learning with Fun’ – success story of a school in Hatkarvadi village, Maharashtra (SSAC7227)

A Bowl of Stars | Constructivism in Maharashtra – The Kumathe Story (SSAC7205)

Kumathe beat is a cluster in Satara district in ...

‘Padhe Dantewada – Likhe Dantewada’, Chhattisgarh (SSAC6955)

“PadheDantewada – LikheDantewada” is an intervention aimed at ensuring all the children from class 3rd to 8th should be ab...

‘Sampark Smart Class’, Improving Early Grade Math & English at Primary Level: Chhattisgarh (SSAC6941)

Chhattisgarh Govt. decided to improve the deteriorating conditions of Primary education after the declaration of NAS class III results and started foc...

Multilingual Education (MLE) for Tribal Children of Odisha (SSAC6835)

‘Ujjwal’ – an initiative for enhancement of quality education in Elementary Schools in Odisha (SSAC6833)

Activity & Competency Learning (ACL) (SSAC6765)

The State of Nagaland has introduced ACL programme  in 690 schools as an educational system that incorporates all aspects of learner-centered educati...

Jodo Gyan – Quality Improvement in Mathematics teaching (SSAC6749)

The State Education Mission Authority of Meghalaya, SSA has initiated a new innovative method of teaching Mathematics through storytelling, hands-on ...

‘Srujana’ – A Programme for Colourful Classroom (SSAC6678)

Multi Lingual Education (SSAV6034)

Constructivism in Maharashtra – The Kumathe Story (SSAV5883)

Activity & Competency Learning (ACL) – Nagaland (SSAV5843)

‘Jodo Gyan’: An Intervention In Maths Education, MEGHALAYA (SSAV5834)

‘Jodo Gyan’: Developing Number Sense – Meghalaya (SSAV5833)

‘Jodo Gyan’: Strengthening Number Sense – Meghalaya (SSAV5832)

Multi Lingual Education – Teaching in Halbi Dialect in LWE Areas, Chhattisgarh (SSAV5815)

Activity Based Learning (ABL) in Classroom, Rajasthan (SSAV5789)

English Smart class programme, Uttarakhand (SSAV5746)

Mathematics Smart Class programme, Uttarakhand (SSAV5745)

‘Learning with fun’: Maths table with folk dance, Uttarakhand (SSAV5743)

‘Prayas’ program concept, Himachal Pradesh (SSAV5734)

Statewide achievements under ‘Paryas’ program of Himachal Pradesh (SSAV5733)

Statewide achievements under ‘Prerna’ program of Himachal Pradesh (SSAV5732)

Implementation of ‘Prerna’ under Pehal programme in Shimla District (SSAV5731)

Prayas (SSAV5730)


Subject Learning Corners, Karnataka (SSAV5699)

English Learning Corner, Karnataka (SSAV5697)

Initiatives for improving quality of education, Jharkhand (SSAV5686)

Impact of ‘Prerna’ program in Learning outcomes, Himachal Pradesh (SSAC3754)

The objective of PRERNA is to improve the learning levels of primary school children in government schools by focussing on basic literacy and numeracy...