Mera Doordarshan Mera Vidyalaya

Mera Doordarshan Mera Vidyalaya - Bihar

Wednesday, 16th Feb 2022

With joint effort of Bihar Education Project Council and UNICEF, 5 hours’ time slots (one hour each for Class I-II, Class III to V, Class VI to VIII, Class IX-X and Class XI-XII) for digital learning was initiated during lockdown. State started the telecast of e-content in phase-wise manner during April 2020 to May, 2020…Read More

e-LOTS (e-Library of Teachers & Students)

e-LOTS (e-Library of Teachers & Students) - Bihar

Wednesday, 16th Feb 2022

As a joint collaboration between Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) and UNICEF e-library is being developed in order to make the content available for the students of Bihar. The aim of this project is to provide the centralized digital content to students, teachers and educators. With the help of e-Library, a user can learn by…Read More

Smt. M. Aruna

Smt. M. Aruna - St. Ann’s Girls High School, Macherla, Guntur

Monday, 19th Apr 2021

Due to COVID-19 all schools were suddenly closed down by Govt. from March 20th 2020. Many people were affected with Corona Virus which is contagious decease. All parents and students were frightened to come out of the house.  In such situation students were not able to complete their academic studies.2019-20. All students are staying at…Read More



Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

FEEDBACK ON MATHEMATICS KITS   My name is Rutij Pandharinath Katale. I studied in standard 4th I like mathematics very much. Our class teacher Shri. Channole sir teaches very good. This year we got a new experience. Sir took mathematics training, then our class also got a mathematics study kits. Till now, we use to…Read More