Smt. M. Aruna

Smt. M. Aruna

Due to COVID-19 all schools were suddenly closed down by Govt. from March 20th 2020. Many people were affected with Corona Virus which is contagious decease. All parents and students were frightened to come out of the house.  In such situation students were not able to complete their academic studies.2019-20. All students are staying at home so in order to help students and utilize their time properly the AP Govt .has introduced TV lessons in Sapthagiri (Dooradarshan) Channel.

The Time table is given clearly ahead. So that it became easy for students to follow.

In our  St.Ann’s Girls High School, Macherla we created WhatsApp Group to each Class from VI to X. Through WhatsApp group each class teacher took interest and sent messages to students to watch TV lessons. We have sent the timetables of TV Lessons were started from 10 th June 2020 all subjects were taught according to the time table given. These Lessons were very useful to students and also teachers.

In this period of COVID-19 we like to continue this Vidhya Varadhi Programme TV lessons in future which very beneficial to students


St.Ann’s Girls High School,

Macherla, Guntur (D.t)