Tamil Nadu


Deepa - Manampathy Government Higher Secondary School

Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

I am Deepa, resident from the Melkatayur village, dropped out of school after the death of my father when I was studying in VII standard.   I remained out of school for 6 months. SSA and Hand in Hand staff identified and convinced me to continue my education. I was enrolled in the Bharathiyar RSTC on…Read More


R.Soniya -

Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

I am R.Soniya from Chinnamayakulam, Aruppukottai  Virudhunagar District.  My Parents Mr.Rasaiya and Mrs. Panchavarnam are coolies. My father is a drunkard and often quarrelled with my mother.  Unfortunately my mother fell sick and lost her life after six months.  There was no one to look after me . I could not continue my studies. So…Read More

K. Kamesh

K. Kamesh - Boys Higher Sec School Rishivandhiyam

Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

My name is K. Kamesh living in a village called Paasar. I belong to a poor family and we strive hard for our living. Unfortunately, my father passed away and we were helpless. I stopped my studies and I went with my mother to Kerala for earning. I felt that I would never smell the…Read More


Menaka - Alloysius Girls HSS

Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

I am Menaka. I am from Pallakulam in Vilathikulam block. I have two younger brothers. My parents are Mr. Palpandi and Mrs. Padmavathi. As there was no school nearby in our village, I had to work in a brick kiln along with my parents, at the age of seven. When I worked in a brick…Read More

S. Vijay

S. Vijay - Adhi Dravidar Welfare Primary School

Thursday, 5th Jul 2018

Life of despair: My name is S.Vijay.  I belong to a very poor family.    My family’s economy compelled me to discontinue my studies before I could complete VI standard during the year 2011-2012. In order to help my mother, I started working as a sales person. Renaissance: At this juncture I was identified by the…Read More


Kumarasen - Panchayat Union Middle School, Koothur

Monday, 28th May 2018

I am Kumarasen from Lalapettai in Karur District. My Family belongs to Below Poverty Line category.  Due to my family circumstances, I discontinued my school education while studying VII standard.  When my mother passed away it led me to total depression.  Hence, I was left under the care of my grandmother in Mannachanallur, Tiruchirappalli District. Got back my education: My uncle, who came to…Read More


Vinesh - GHSS, Ambalamoola

Monday, 28th May 2018

I am Vinesh from Nellipura Hamlet and belong to  Paniya Tribal family. My parents were both addicted to alcohol and I was neglected by them and hence became a dropout in Std VII. I was identified by the SSA team and enrolled in the RSTC at Ambalamoola. There I was given a thorough bridge course…Read More


NISHA. M. - GHSS Ambalamoola

Monday, 28th May 2018

I belong to Paniya Tribal Community from Odamvayal, and I am very happy to share my testimonial on how I was able continue my studies inspite of various shortcomings.  After attaining my puberty I was dropped out.  I remained at home for nearly a year and was identified by the SSA team as a dropout….Read More


MANOJ - GHSS Ambalamoola

Monday, 28th May 2018

I am Manoj  17 years old.  I belong to a dysfunctional Paniya family.  My father passed away when I was young and I was deserted by my mother who married another man was taken care of by my old aunt who was least aware of education.  The SSA team identified me as a dropout and…Read More

S. Sivanagari

S. Sivanagari - GHSS ANCHETTY

Thursday, 24th May 2018

I am Sivanagari residing in Kesthur village.  Kesthur is a very remote village situated in a forest area in Thally block of Krishnagiri district. There is no basic  amenity available in the village and we need to walk about three kilometers to reach the school in Manjugondapalli. It made me to remain as a Never…Read More

Jalaja kumari

Jalaja kumari - Headmistress - GMS, Chittar

Thursday, 24th May 2018

I am Jalaja kumari working as a Headmistress in GMS.Chittar (UDISE No. 33300700604).  Sree Vishnu karthik’s family was residing near our school and were very poor.  Even then they send their elder son Sree Vishnu Karthick to “Bharath Primary School” at Pechipparai.  He was studying in II Std.  Since they were unable to pay the…Read More

N. Maideen Basha

N. Maideen Basha - St. Ignitius High School, Boothapadi

Thursday, 24th May 2018

I am Maideen Basha, doing II year BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in GOJAN school of Business and Technology, Edapalayam Redhills Chennai 600052. I was once an out of school children after migrating from Karnataka along with my family. I was supporting my family by working in chamber. During 2008-09 I was enrolled in…Read More


Anjali - Municipal Middle School, S.V.Colony

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

I am Anjali from Tirupur. Due to lack of interest, I discontinued my studies when I was in Class VII. Later I was very much worried about my future. During the survey conducted by SSA in April 2011, the BRTEs met my parents and insisted on the importance of education and my future. Through their guidance…Read More

Kalaiyarasi, Secondary Grade Teacher

Kalaiyarasi, Secondary Grade Teacher - Municipal Primary School, Mottur, Edapadi Block, Salem District, Tamil Nadu

Wednesday, 7th Mar 2018

  “Young children tend to learn their mother tongue mostly through interaction and imitation. Young ones, nowadays, learn more from the screen than from their teachers. Since I am working in a two-teacher school, I have to plan the activities to cater to the needs of a multi-grade class. I used to play videos and…Read More

A. Jothika

A. Jothika - KGBV Ariyalur, Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu

Tuesday, 27th Dec 2016

My name is A. Jothika and  my native place is Nagamangalam.  My father passed away in  an  accident. There  are  five  girl  children  in  my  family including me.  After my father’s demise,  there was no other income source to meet the family expenses.  The  poverty ridden state  of my family forced me to give up…Read More


L.Kamatchi - KGBV Tharisukkadu, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu

Tuesday, 27th Dec 2016

I am Kamatchi, belonging to ST community and hailed from a very poor family. Due to my family condition, I discontinued my studies at 4th standard and was pushed to grazing goats. BRTEs and KGBV teachers identified me during their survey and I joined the KGBV School in 2005 at Sankarapuram. Many facilities are being provided in…Read More