Himachal Pradesh

Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma - GMS Rugra District Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Wednesday, 1st Feb 2017

Vivek Sharma  a student of  class 8th  in GMS Rugra District Solan, belonging to a BPL family. He is from a very poor back ground and have to help his parents in the morning and evening. Fetching grass for the cow daily at 6 AM and helping her mother in cooking in the evening did not…Read More

Bandna Kumari

Bandna Kumari - KGBV Mehla Village, District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Wednesday, 1st Feb 2017

Bandna Kumari was a drop-out due to the poverty of the family. She had to help her poor parents in small household chores and the parents also preferred her for help. After counseling of the parents and the child, the girl was enrolled in KGBV where she is doing well in studies. Quite inquisitive and…Read More


Manish - Govt. High School Jabri, Himachal Pradesh

Wednesday, 1st Feb 2017

Manish S/o Shri Bhagwan dass student of class 6th Govt. High School Jabri. He was having a problem in arm. The ortho surgery was provided to him and the rods were placed in his arm and now he is feeling well. Parents and other members of family are thankful to the department for providing aids…Read More


Shaureya - Govt. Primary School Dhar Chadana, Education Block Kupvi, Himachal Pradesh

Wednesday, 21st Dec 2016

Shaureya’s eyes has been replaced successfully from a dead donor at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and research at Chandigarh due to the continuous efforts being done by the Distt. I E Coordinator, DIET Shimla at Shamlaghat. The corrective surgery was conducted successfully by the eye specialist.  Parents and other family members are thankful to Sarva…Read More