Nilam Dashrathbhai Rathva

Nilam Dashrathbhai Rathva - KGBV Bilvan, Ta. marpada, Dist. Surat, Gujarat

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017

Nilam comes from a very poor family living in the most backward area in Chota Udepur district, her parents work as a laborer in farm to fulfill her family needs. At the time of admission in Pochamba KGBV of  District Chota Udepur in 2011, she was shy and conservative in nature. She is brilliant students…Read More

Vasava Tashwir kumar Surendrakumar

Vasava Tashwir kumar Surendrakumar - Primary School, Kanapor, Gujarat

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017

In Gujarat, SSA has deployed resource person for inclusive education for Children with Special Need (CWSN) at every block, and Block. Resource Person (BRP) holds the responsibility to survey and find the Children with special need. During the same survey Nandod BRP IED Vasava Hanshaben visited Tashwir kumar residing at Kanapor Cluster of Taropa. He…Read More

Singal Divyesh Batukbhai

Singal Divyesh Batukbhai - Shree Vinoba Bhave Primary School No. 93

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017

Singal Divyesh Batukbhai is a boy studying in standard -4th  in  Shree Vinoba Bhave Primary School  No. 93. In 2012 during the door to door survey in Ambedkar nagar we found out that the Divyang Child was not in any contact of School. His parents believed that this child cannot get education like other children….Read More

Ramila, KGBV Gujarat

Ramila, KGBV Gujarat - Government Primary School, Timbarva village, Dang District, Gujarat

Friday, 9th Dec 2016

Ramila, is a 13 year old hearing impaired girl studying in Timbarva village primary school. Her parents are labourers and they migrate to feed their family in and out of district and some times out of state. Being a special child Ramila travelled with her parents all the time. Moreover they didn’t have any motivation…Read More

Radhika Class: 8th

Radhika Class: 8th - Govt. Girls High School, Sector-22, Faridabad, Haryana

Friday, 11th Nov 2016

Whenever I used to get ill my mother never let me attend the School as the condition of toilets was not good enough and they were quite dirty. But now new toilets have been constructed along with proper water supply and even when I am ill my mother let me attend the School.