Rudra is an Eight year old born on 3rd Oct 2006 at Beed, district, Maharashtra in economically middle class family. His father has a shop and  makes bambu utensils while mother is house wife. He has four sisters..

It was indicated to his parents that his development is not as like as other baby of his same age. In Nov 2007, the child got high fever and fits and he was hospitalized, where Dr. Prashant Utase (Child Neurologist) diagnosed and declared Rudra is not as other normal children. He is Mentally challenged with Cerebral Palsy.

The parents were worried about Rudra’s future as they wanted to see  a normal life for him as other children. During the house Hold Survey under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Inclusive Education Programme, Resource Teacher Visited Rudra’s House and discussed with the parents all his conditions. Resource Teacher Council informed Rudras parents about the services available under SSA IE for Special Children and motivated them for his Education.

The resource teacher asked to send the child at Resource Room at Block Resource Centre, Beed. Thereafter,  the child started visiting the Resource Room where his educational, psychological and physical assessment were done by Resource Teacher, Psychologist And Physio Therapist. After thorough assessment, Rudra’s currents skills  were identified and further skills were selected and Supportive Services were decided  for  his all round development. An implementation schedule was decided and as per schedule the child was brought to the Resource Room And Physio Therapy Centre with the Escort. Behaviour Therapy, Physio Therapy and Personal Social Recreational Academics Skills were selected.

As per Psychologist, some behaviour problems were assessed such as self injury and biting fingers. They recorded the frequency of problem behaviours and causes of problem behaviour; and selected a behaviour therapy schedule for the child.

When Rudra was learn Academic Social personal Skills using his learning Styles which became very helpful for him for effective learning. With the help of Physio Therapy, IEP and behaviour Therapy prepared, Rudra is showing his development in all expected areas which is  motivating not only his parents but also his Teachers, Therapist and Psychologist and others , who believe that proper planning and continuous support helps Special Children for all round development. Rudra is called as a learner not as disabled. He is now mainstreamed to a regular Zilla Parishad school in Shivaji nagar, Beed district. Resource teacher is continuing to give academic support to the child and school; which is a good example for other students and teachers.