Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

FEEDBACK ON MATHEMATICS KITS   My name is Rutij Pandharinath Katale. I studied in standard 4th I like mathematics very much. Our class teacher Shri. Channole sir teaches very good. This year we got a new experience. Sir took mathematics training, then our class also got a mathematics study kits. Till now, we use to…Read More

Naina Nikhade

Naina Nikhade - Zilha Parishad Primary School, Chorala

Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

STUDENT FEEDBACK ON JEEVAN SHIKSHAN MAGAZINE PUBLISHED BY SCERT MAHARASHTRA, (Magazine includes one page of English learning for student) My name is Naina Nikhade. I am in 5th standard. My school  name is Zilha Parishad Primary School Chorala,  Chandrpur District. Our school  got Jeevan shikshan Masik (Magazine) every month from  Government. My friends Darshan,Tanuja, Pranay…Read More

Shubhani Dignabar  Deshmukh


Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

STUDENT’s FEEDBACK ON DIKSHA APP   My name is Shubhani  Deshmukh. I am learning in 3rd class. My school  is zilha parishad shala karanjvan, Block Dindori, District Nashik. Prakash Chavan is my class teacher. Our teacher uses mobile & laptop in school for teaching. He makes video himself & shows us daily in School while…Read More



Tuesday, 26th Nov 2019

Dnyaneshwar stays alone, all for education Most sugarcane farm labourers in Maharashtra belong to the Beed district. They migrate to neighbouring sugarcane-producing districts during the harvest season, post-Diwali. Our village of Rajpimpri in Gevrai tehsil is no exception. I work in the ZP school here and have noticed that children often accompany their parents and,…Read More

Mohsin Yusuf Shaikh

Mohsin Yusuf Shaikh - Zilla Parishad Primary School, Gangapur, Maharashtra

Monday, 8th Jan 2018

Mohsin was studying in Class II in Zilla Parishad Primary School, in Gangapur from in Latur district, when his parents decided to migrate to Hyderabad for livelihood. New academic year started but Mohsin was still not there. School teacher Sangeeta Pawar got worried that he might drop out, and contacted his mother on phone. His…Read More

Charan Namdev Rathod

Charan Namdev Rathod - Government school, Palsona, Maharashtra

Friday, 5th Jan 2018

The major problem of many students in Palsona cluster in Hingoli district was their seasonal migration with their parents who earned their living through cane cutting. With consistent efforts teachers and cluster heads had been able to hold back a little older children who would take care of themselves, but younger children still accompanied their…Read More

Pallavi Kadam

Pallavi Kadam - Zilla Parishad School, Dhondarai, Beed district, Maharashtra

Monday, 14th Aug 2017

Pallavi’s parents work as sugarcane cutters and migrate for 5-6 months in a year to other region in the state. Due to regular migration, her education suffers a lot. But 13 year old Pallavi has found a way out of this problem. She wants to study medicine and therefore has to focus on her studies….Read More

Rita Avale

Rita Avale - Zilla Parishad Upper Primary School, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra.

Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Rita Avale studies in Class 5 in Zilla Parishad Upper Primary School, Datala village, Cluster Yashvantnagar, in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. Mentally challenged Rita was a completely lost child when she was first admitted in school last year. She was self-engrossed, hardly aware about her movements and personal cleanliness. No student was willing to sit…Read More

Sonal Shinde

Sonal Shinde - Zilla Parishad Primary School No. 1, Nachane Village, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra.

Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Sonal  Shinde studies in Zilla Parishad Primary School No. 1 in Nachane Village in Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra. Sonal is her new name and there is an interesting story why her earlier name was changed. Eight year old Sonal was the fourth child to her parents. Since all earlier children were daughters they were hoping…Read More

Ravina and Payal Mavare

Ravina and Payal Mavare - Zilla Parishad Primary School in Modumdagu, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Eight year old Ravina Mavare and her elder sister Payal have never been to school till July 2016. Today they are studying respectively in Class 3 and Class 4 in Zilla Parishad Primary School in Modumdagu, a remote village in Aheri block in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. Ravina and Payal come from a nomadic community. Their family…Read More


Rudra - Zilla Parishad school, Shivaji nagar, Beed district, Maharashtra

Tuesday, 7th Feb 2017

Rudra is an Eight year old born on 3rd Oct 2006 at Beed, district, Maharashtra in economically middle class family. His father has a shop and  makes bambu utensils while mother is house wife. He has four sisters.. It was indicated to his parents that his development is not as like as other baby of his…Read More


Rishikesh - Zilla Parishad Primary School, Kadamvasti (Paritewadi), Solapur district, Maharashtra

Monday, 19th Dec 2016

(Students in Zilla Parishad Primary School in Kadamvasti (Paritewadi) in Solapur district in Maharashtra traveled 5990 miles for a global trip to South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia in just two days! What sounds unbelievable was made possible because of communication technology, as these were virtual trips organized as part of Skype-a-thon by Microsoft on 29-30 November…Read More

Sunil, Class II and Sameena, Class IV

Sunil, Class II and Sameena, Class IV - Zilla Parishad School, Kumthe beat, Satara district, Maharashtra

Monday, 19th Dec 2016

Sunil -“I like to come to school because my teacher never scolds me. I can do things that I like. We play a lot. Therefore I feel happy to come to school and never miss it,” Sameena  – “We sit in groups. We read together and study together. I like to write poems. I can…Read More